Official Twerk Team: Mizz Twerksum & LadyLuscious

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Twerk Team is a Atlanta based dance group that started in 2005. There are two official members (Mizz.Twerksum & Lady Luscious). They started off dancing at house parties and began making youtube videos to songs. The Twerk Team's first hit video they danced to was "She Got A Donk" by Soulja Boy it got over a million views in the first week. This video changed everything after they posted it on their Youtube account, they then began doing shows and being featured in many major artist videos. Video's that they have been in are " Drop It Low" By Easter Dean ft Chris Brown, "Twerk Dat" By 36 Mafia, and they also worked with Polo Da Don who is a major producer. They have been continuing to do shows and while also attending college. Their manager is Leslie who is also Mizz. Twerksum's & Lady Luscious' mom. They have also been busy working together as singers and they are finally releasing their single "Gangsta" produced by Dj Gb. The ladies want their fans to know that they will be incorporating their twerking skills into their budding singing careers. Twerking was just the beginning, Twerk Team has many more things to come...

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